Affinity can help you develop stronger relationships with your existing customers or members while generating additional revenue stream opportunities and competitive differentiation. Our sales marketing and insurance experts work together to understand your customers' needs and develop total insurance solutions that provide ultimate customer satisfaction. Additionally, we act as an advocate for you and your customers, managing relationships with underwriters to ensure you get the best prices and terms and that claims are handled impartially and swiftly.

Global Affinity Can Help You ...

Improve the bottom line ...
We assist you to turn off-balance-sheet assets such as access to your customers, distributors and employees into steady revenue stream without significant risk or investment by developing a relevant innovative insurance product strategy of the organization.

Improve customer loyalty and acquisition ...
By offering the most comprehensive range of products, services and customized solutions available in the industry, our programmes will help you attract new customers while retaining and enhancing relationships with the ones you already have.

Increase competitive differentiation ...
Our focused and thoughtful approach ensures development and execution of Global Affinity programmes that are aligned with your business objectives and customers' needs and expectations, differentiating you from your competitors by leveraging our experience and market leading position.

Enhance brand value ...
Global Affinity aims to provide the right products, price and process by analyzing your business and customer's buying behavior to ensure that the approach and outcome are well matched to your business objectives. Global Affinity programmes can leverage your brand in the offering of additional products and services to your existing potential customers.

Affinity Programmes

Global develops and manages affinity programmes for:

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Ms. Rashmi Iyer
Email :
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505

Mr. Shaleen Trivedi
Email :
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505


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