Financial Services & Professions Group

Global Financial Services & Professions Group is the leading provider of specialty liability insurance & risk solutions in India. We have dedicated teams serving various industry sectors including financial services, professions, construction, media, technology and healthcare.

Our industry sector experts are in turn supported by insurance product experts in the areas of:

In addition, and specific to our financial institution clients, we provide operational risk consulting services to define risk exposures, establish risk tolerance levels and design optimum risk transfer structures. For more sophisticated firms, such risk transfer structure through the creative use of insurance and reinsurance capital, be used to achieve regulatory capital relief.

We have continued to invest heavily into our specialty businesses and possess a dedicated team of specialist FSPG brokers.

Contact Details

Mr. Manoj AS
Email :
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505

Mr. Harpreet Sidhu
Email :
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505


Maximizing the economic benefit of risk transfer programs

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