General Liability

Global specialise in providing liability insurance solutions. We have advised many clients over the years, on how to minimise and manage their general liability risks to achieve their desired result. Our advice has ranged from traditional insurance design and placement through to structuring some of the most complex insurance programs in the market including company acquisitions and solutions to exit the class and manage the long tail exposure.

Global will help you ...

Identify your risks...

Changing exposures can give rise to sudden and complex claims which can have frightening implications on your business in terms of cost, reputation and time. Our team of specialists will analyse your business model and assist you in identifying the associated liability risks, both insurable and non-insurable.

Transfer risk exposures...

We will help you in transferring risks by utilising liability insurance products specifically designed for your business needs.

Our expertise in providing risk transfer solutions encompasses:

Benefits to You

Global's unique insights driven approach will ensure that you develop and implement a liability programme that is:

Global will conduct a thorough study of your operations to understand the various liability exposures unique to your business. We can help you design a cost effective liability programme which protects your liabilities to the maximum extent possible so as to provide efficient protection against high-frequency but low-severity risks. We can also assist you in loss mitigation measures, controlling risk exposures and prompt and fair settlement of claims by your insurance companies.

Our Capabilities

Being the largest insurance broker in the world, Aon is present in more than 120 countries. We have a broad range of specialty practice groups that create novel and unique liability solutions for your specific requirements. Our wide presence enables us to develop large global liability programmes for Indian multinational companies.

As you expand and globalise your business, we can help you in understanding the local insurance requirements in various countries to protect you from violating local insurance laws. Our team of specialists can assist you in vetting specific contract clauses that you may need to enter into with your vendors or customers.

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