Mergers & Acquisitions

Global Mergers & Acquisitions Solutions is the leading provider of insurance due diligence advice and transaction liability insurance solutions to the private equity community and strategic buyers in India.

We complement the work of advisors from other disciplines by identifying insurable risks and cost issues that would not otherwise be considered in depth, but which will have an impact on financial modeling, deal price negotiation and acceptance of liabilities by a buyer.

Our Services: Insurance Due Diligence

Issues that we help identify include:

Our Services: Transaction Liability Insurance

Transaction Liability Insurance includes a range of insurance products that buyers and sellers use strategically to cover risks arising from transactions.

These include:

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Mr. Samir Thakker
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Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505

Mr. Anant Pawar
Email :
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505


Maximizing the economic benefit of risk transfer programs

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