Lenders Insurance Advisory

Lenders Advisory Services

We (Global) provide Insurance Advisory Services for projects anywhere in India that are financed.

Who is it for?

We provide this service to banks, bond providers, export credit agencies and other lenders or guarantors. We have provided the service for power, ports and other infrastructure projects such as townships, Hospitals and Airports.

What advisory services do we provide?

Our services can be divided into two categories: Project Risk Assessment and Insurance Due Diligence.

Project risk assessment

Our risk assessment services include a full review of the project documentation and underwriting information and a full assessment of the risk to which the project is exposed. We assist in developing appropriate insurance and risk language, including a schedule of minimum insurance requirements, for incorporation into the project contracts (the project agreement, the loan and the security documentation).

Supervision and compliance

At the outset, we review and supervise the development of the project company's insurance proposals and provide confirmation that the project insurance's comply with the requirements of the project agreement, the construction contract, any other relevant contracts and the loan and security documents.

What are the benefits?

By focusing on important and relevant issues for lenders, we can assist in the timely achievement of financial close for a project. Our advice assures lenders that the project company's insurance is of a high quality. Our particular expertise with project finance, PFI and PPP projects has allowed us to develop good working relationships with lenders, major law firms and other advisers.

Contact Details

Mr. Pranav Patel
Email : pranav.patel@globalinsurance.co.in
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505


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