Global Entertainment Practice specialize in providing solutions for the entertainment industry in India and around the world.

Entertainment business is predicated upon content, constant exposure, environment and diversification. Through our sector-specific knowledge of sports, television and media, we offer the most comprehensive risk management programmes, thoroughly identifying, measuring, mitigating and ultimately managing client's complex risks in a cost-effective manner.

We provide comprehensive insurance solutions for a wide variety of entertainment personalities and entities from Bollywood's top stars to legendary sports teams. Wherever there's entertainment, the Global Entertainment Practice is likely to be behind the scenes.

We can talk specifically about your segment of the entertainment industry because we monitor industry trends while working with many of your peers. Through our understanding of the entertainment industry, we can provide experts who have resolved, for your peers, the very same kinds of issues you face. Due to our global strategy of developing risk mitigating and industry-specific solutions, we can ensure that we provide a tailored solution designed to meet your specific needs within the entertainment industry.

Our Capabilities

Our longevity in the business and large market share have given us unprecedented insight into how nearly every brand of entertainment is best protected. We can talk from experience on multipurpose facilities contracts, security for stadiums, business interruption for casinos, collective bargaining agreements, high-stakes marketing and film distribution.

Behind every world record, every winning team, every world-class exhibit, every entertainment and music award, the Global Entertainment Practice professionals are likely to be at work, protecting the interests of the venue, the producers, the stars, the sponsors, even the equipment rental companies.

Benefits to You & Product Range

In addition to industry and sector-specific specialists, the Global Entertainment Practice has insurance experts dedicated to securing the ideal blend of coverages needed for producing nearly any brand of entertainment. Towards this end, our professionals weigh the terms and conditions of a policy in light of your overall business strategy to ensure its maximum benefit to you. We also check the carrier's claims payment history and financial standing to preclude protracted claims processing. Our insurance experts are well-seasoned in tailoring to fit your specific needs of standard coverage such as:

Contact Details

Mr. Bhupesh Kumar
Email : bhupesh.kumar@globalinsurance.co.in
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505

Mr. Abizar Bohra
Email : abizar.bohra@globalinsurance.co.in
Telephone : (+91) 22 6656 0505


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