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We represent some of the largest airlines in the Indian subcontinent and neighbouring countries. GLOBAL's long-term relationships highlight our ability to adapt and provide innovative insurance and risk management products to all organizational sizes.

Our team approach ensures a versatile and personal service to every client. This means our team can provide solutions as per the requirement of our clients, regardless of the exposure.

The size and diversity of GLOBAL's airline portfolio show our depth of experience and enables us to respond efficiently to issues, queries and opportunities to ensure that our clients receive exceptional service.

General Aviation

A dedicated team deals specifically with GLOBAL’s General Aviation clients. We have successfully negotiated and placed risks for a myriad of client types across the world.

We specialize in the provision of a broad range of exclusive and competitive products, supported by top quality client service and speedy, efficient documentation. These qualities, allied to GLOBAL's long-established presence in the market, give our clients an unsurpassed combination of price and service.

We cater specifically for clients operating in this challenging sector, and our experience includes offshore, executive transport, rotor wing, air charter, observation, air rescue operators, sea plane operators etc.

GLOBAL provides cover for a broad spectrum of private and commercial clients that operate in the private, VIP, charter and full commercial sectors. Aircraft types also vary from single and twin prop powered aircraft to business jets and executive configured airline equipment.

Our size and global reach enables us to place business at very competitive prices, and to produce full policy documentation almost instantaneously upon the binding of coverage with insurers. This gives our clients overwhelming benefits in terms of efficiency and economy.


Our clients have specific requirements and face numerous exposures during their daily operations. GLOBAL structures programs that can evolve with client needs and we provide essential support in the form of in-house risk management and contractual experts, as required.

We provide clients with access to specialists that deal exclusively with the aerospace sector with an aim to provide focused services and enhance these through the development of tailor-made products and ensure complete confidentiality between our aerospace and airline clients.

We spend a considerable time developing a complete understanding of the main sources of risk to our aerospace clients. Our role is to offer sound & strategic risk advices and manage insurance risk and the risk transfer process.

Our risk and insurance programs are designed to meet unique needs after in-depth consultation about specific risk profiles. Risk is not always apparent, but GLOBAL's experts can help clients recognize where they have exposure and ensure coverage for the full range of their insurable risks.


In partnership with our international associates, we can participate in every stage of a project, from initial discussion to completion. We are committed to finding risk management products that are reliable, innovative and cost effective. We also ensure privileged access to all insurers and reinsurers in the space sector.

We arrange insurance for every type of space application, including telecommunications, TV broadcasting, remote sensing, scientific applications and earth observation. Our services embrace a wide spectrum of organizations, ranging from multi-satellite constellations, to single satellites and partial payloads, to individual transponders.

Space & Satellite

Tailor made policies covering:

Business Interruption

Contingency and
Political Risks

In Orbit Phase

Launch and Commissioning

Pre-Launch Phase

Product Liability

Third Party Liability

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