Our M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) Solutions

We complement the work of advisors from other disciplines by identifying insurable risks and cost issues that would not otherwise be considered in depth, but which will have an impact on financial modelling, deal price negotiation and acceptance of liabilities by a buyer.

We help identify issues during the M&A process. For example, the issues include:

  • Shortfalls in cover for current and historic risks
  • The true annual cost of insurable risks versus seller estimates (such costs often exceed seller's estimates, leaving buyers with unexpected additional expenses)
  • Inaccurate recording of claims records, which might negatively impact future insurance premium costs
  • Insurance related capital expenditure issues
  • Transfer of responsibility for pre-closing "insurable" liabilities where coverage is unavailable or cost prohibitive for buyers.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) wordings leaving buyers and new company directors exposed to liabilities or claims arising from pre-completion circumstances.

Insurance Solutions Provided by the M&A Practice

Our dedicated and qualified team can aid entities with the procurement, placement and servicing of the following insurance solutions:

  • Tax-Opinion Liability Insurance
  • Transaction Liability Insurance
  • Warranty & Indemnity Insurance (W & I)

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