Power Generation & Distribution

Upstream (Exploration/ Production)

Major Integrated and National
Oil and Gas Companies

Midstream (Pipelines/ Terminals/
Liquefied Natural Gas)

Contractors (Drilling/ Service)

Downstream (Refining/
Petrochemical/ Fertilizers)

Oil, Energy & Power Practice

  • We are one of the leading provider of risk and insurance solutions to oil, gas, petrochemical, power, mining sector and related service industries. We have dedicated specialists in India who have depth of expertise backed when it comes to:
    • Identifying and developing insurance solutions to minimize the financial impact of risk exposures.
    • Assisting clients in developing a risk plan for their energy needs when expanding their organization.
    • Offering competitive rates and extensive coverage for client’s risk exposures within the energy sector.
    • Providing specialized risk control services.
    • Placing innovative, multi-year solutions to manage the total cost of risk.
  • We help our clients mitigate risk while maximizing financial return. We work with the insurance markets on a daily basis giving us real-time insight into the market conditions and trends impacting our client’s insurance program which makes us capable to create risk management programs that are specifically tailored to our client's needs.
  • Working with us ensures that you benefit from our firm's specialization in the energy sector. Our specialization enables us to develop advantageous opportunities for our clients in terms of coverage, claims recovery, and price.
  • Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of our dedicated claims team since the energy claims are complex. In the event of a claim we work on behalf of clients vis-à-vis insurers / reinsurers to facilitate prompt and satisfactory resolution.

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