Fire & Explosion Risks

Occupational Health & Safety Risks

Building Life Safety Exposures

Electrical Risks

External Natural Hazards

Machinery Breakdown Risks

Risk Identification

We will uncover, recognize and describe operations and risks that might affect the client's business.

Risk Evaluation

We will then evaluate or rank the risk by determining the risk magnitude, which is the combination of likelihood and consequence. The client can then decide about whether the risk is acceptable or whether it is serious enough to warrant treatment.

Risk Control

This is also referred to as Risk Response Planning. During this step we assess the client’s highest ranked risks and set out a plan to treat or modify these risks to achieve acceptable risk levels.

Risk Transfer Through Insurance

Risk transfer mechanism consists of transferring the risks to insurers or to the third parties by contractual obligations. The exercise starts with a complete insurance audit of the client's risk exposures and deciding their risk profile. There is a broad range of insurance covers available. GLOBAL can help the them obtain the most appropriate insurance cover at optimum cost. GLOBAL can also help them in the process of claim settlement in the unfortunate event of loss.

Risk Engineering and Loss Prevention

Risk/ Loss control form the implementation part of process of Risk Management. This involves the complete range of detailed risk audits of the premises such as fire safety, fire protection systems, electrical safety, industrial safety, natural hazards and suggesting suitable solutions to mitigate the risks at economical cost.

Once we create a risk profile that reflects a client's entire organization, we design and implement solutions that involve traditional insurance products, alternative financing techniques, or an entirely new product created to address a specific problem.

We offer the following services:

  • Property Underwriting survey & renewal support services
  • Natural hazard risk reviews
  • Occupational health & safety audits
  • Life safety audits for buildings
  • Fire safety audit
  • SHE due diligence
  • Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profit Study (MBLOP)
  • Acceptance test of fire protection Systems
  • OSHA Process Safety Management Implementation & Training
  • Risk Control Training
  • Business interruption analysis
  • Project risk underwriting surveys
We at GLOBAL can help the client in the entire process of risk management. Each stage in the process involves application of various techniques. Our experienced and qualified experts can prepare a complete risk profile of the risks to which their business is exposed and to suggest solutions suitable for their organization.

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