Insurance Solutions Provided by the MSME Practice

Client Proposal

Each of our elements compiled together results in a custom-made and comprehensive solution that benefits and adheres to our client's requirement.

In depth and varied subject matter expertise: We have the subject matter and industry experts that design the best suited product from the market.

Collaborative efforts: We go beyond the insurers and look for partnerships with Associations, Chambers, Financial Institutions, E-Commerce platforms etc. to bring the best solutions available in the market most suited for the operations.

Independent due diligence: We involve risk engineers who collate a complete profiling of the client’s risk exposure and advise them on risk mitigation activities.

Market leverage: We work with all the insurers, local as well as the global markets and are able to draw the best out of them. Based on our strict quality criteria, we select the finest for our clients and bring it to you at the most reasonable price.

Access to technology solution: We bring a technology driven solution and documentation to the client’s doorstep which helps reduce time and cost over runs.

Product and Method Highpoint

Our benefits and techniques of the product are wide-ranging and comprehensive.

  • Single policy for relevant risk exposures
  • A choice of sixteen sections regarding suiting sectors requirements
  • Each section is loaded with additional appropriate covers (add-ons)
  • Technology driven communication / solution and service
  • Minimum documentation required
  • Doorstep collection and advice as appropriate
  • Hassle free renewal

Claims servicing

We have handled some of the complex claims in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

Claims field executives: Their responsibility is to periodically visit and discuss with clients their specific issues which could help prevent an event leading to a claim. They provide interactive sessions/ workshops/ trainings to the staff on Loss prevention.

Claims engineers: The moment a large claim is reported, the claim engineers duty is to visit the site along with/ independent of the surveyors visit. They help coordinate various agencies, when required to get the claim moving in the right direction.

Claims experts: They are a specialized ‘Knowledge Team’ who are well versed in coverage and clauses of insurance policy. They partner with the client in dealing with surveyors and Insurers as appropriate.

Risk Coverage


Money Insurance

Burglary + Theft

Plate Glass




Neon Sign


Fidelity Guarantee

Machinery Breakdown

Public Liability

Electronic Equipment

Group Personal Accident

All Risk

Workmen Compensation

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