Optimised Health Benefits
Management and Services

At GLOBAL, we strive to provide optimum health benefits, as we believe in offering unparalleled health solutions to our clients across various industries.

Organizations are under increasing pressure to control employee benefit costs, effectively communicate the value of benefit plans to employees, and certify legislative and regulatory compliance. They must also safeguard the benefits themselves that are modest and recall employees.

Businesses today not only compete for customers but for employees too. Retaining and developing talent is a challenging aspect just as building a business.

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Insurance Solutions Provided by the
Health & Benefits Practice

We ensure a long-term tactic with our clients. When it comes to health benefit plans, many organizations are facing rising costs, heavy administration burdens and new legislations – all at once, especially when everyone is being asked to do more with less.

A lasting view of benefits management aims to help companies achieve a balance between using benefits as a retention tool and managing escalating costs. We do this by offering: end-to-end solutions to benefits management and alignment of your benefit plans with corporate strategy and policies. Considerable purchasing leverage systematic and structured approach.

We offer our clients unparalleled delivery of their employee benefits. With the experience and skills of our consultants sustained through our next generation benefits technology, we offer our clients unmatched provision of their employee benefits.

We provide market-leading consulting, broking and delivery services to clients and their employees across organizations of all sizes, geographies and industries. The delivery of a new or amended benefits plan customized to an organization is vital for their success, both in terms of the impact to employees and in ensuring the benefits run smoothly and continue to offer best value.

Types of Health and Benefits Packages

Our Strategic Approach

Our solutions aim to provide the organisations a systematic, transparent approach focused on driving change. This includes the following elements:

  • Strategic Benefit Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Plan Implementation
  • Ongoing Administration
  • MIS Reports
  • Communication Services
  • Health and Wellness Program
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Industry Leading Technology Tools: Online Portal

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