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Recognizing the risks associated with trade, Trade Credit insurance is the solution that GLOBAL offers to companies that deals with general and added risk associated with it, protecting the entire cycle from procurement to sales.

The essence of any business cycle is its continuity from procurement to sales and collection. Any break in the above could be devastating for the business.

While the other elements involved in the process are taken care of with various risk mitigation techniques available, the methods for receivables remains a lacuna, also for most uninsured part of the cycle. Credit Insurance is the panacea for company’s commercial accounts receivables from the loss caused by the insolvency or protracted default of buyers.

Strong and effective credit risk management is essential to protect and promote business growth. Current economic conditions have increased pressure on companies trading on credit terms. With continued concerns over the impact of unexpected levels of severe debt, companies need to apprehend their credit risk profile and ensure that they have sufficient balance sheet and cash flow protection.

In companies with branches or subsidiaries in different regional locations or countries, there is an added risk that inconsistent credit management procedures could lead to an absence of alertness of your overall exposure to customer failures or politically unstable markets.

Trade Credit insurance is the solution that GLOBAL offers to companies that deals with the challenges described above.

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Our Trade Credit Practice

Our Trade Credit product provides pioneering credit risk protection solutions to protect your business from unmanageable debt whilst maximizing profitability. This specialized insurance will protect the client's profit & loss account, balance sheet and support the corporate governance best practices. Our skilled team shall provide security in new markets that allow the client to grow your business.

We have extensive technical expertise on credit risk evaluation and the design; placement and servicing of credit insurance policies. Credit insurance Covers, the risk of non-payment of trade debt. Protection for political and pre-credit risk can also be added giving the client confidence to trade on credit terms in ambiguous economic times.

Our team caters to placing of programs speedily and accurately in aboard markets, with various customization while preserving the product nobility including the post placement compliance.

Our market leading trade credit team offers an objective advice in respect of trade credit insurance solutions. Any size of business, domestic or worldwide shall be taken care of by our well-resourced team.

Our assistance in the wide-ranging analysis of the trade credit risks, their solutions and alternatives are instructive and vital.

Our Trade Credit Insurance
Solutions Can

Trade Credit Insurance
Solutions in India

  • The Trade credit insurance program in India is largely controlled by General Insurance Companies and local ECA (Export Credit Agency) i.e. ECGC Ltd. General Insurance Companies are backed by reinsurance/ treaty arrangements with companies like AIG, Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes, QBE & SCOR etc., who have expertise in writing Trade Credit insurance globally.
  • Key Features of the policies through the leading markets (except ECGC):
    • Indemnity up to 85%
    • Trade Credit insurance for all sizes of business
    • Whole turnover policies are issued covering all buyers, however, if the seller prefers to cover any division/ segment/ product, the same is allowed provided that the cover is taken for covering all the buyers of the respective division/ segment/ product
    • Credit underwriting of the buyers by specialized risk underwriters
  • Key Features of the policy through ECGC Ltd. (ECA):
    • Only for Indian exporters
    • Indemnity up to 90%
    • Policies can be issued on Turnover or on Exposure basis
    • Single buyer risk can be covered
  • We offer a "one-stop-shop" for all your credit risk protection needs – irrespective of your business size or sector.
  • We provide credit risk protection solutions to boost your business strategy in respect of cost, cover, service etc. As India's leading broker, we bring you a dedicated, skilled and well-resourced team that works with you to understand your business at all levels.
  • We ensure that you get the right advice and solution from our unrivalled capabilities; our people, our products and our market position.

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