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At GLOBAL we believe that an employee’s wellbeing results in the organisation’s growth and prosperity. No statistics, data or time-consuming studies are required to establish this.
It's a stark fact. Yet, many organisations miss to identify wellness programs as a core employee engagement initiative.

Hence, often they either don't implement it in a planned manner or present it under the garb of fun@work; both completely dilute the impact. On the other hand, if implemented in a structured approach it can bring multiple strategic benefits.

GLOBAL Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs are an integral part of our employee engagement strategy. They are a planned and organized set of activities designed to help you offer to your employees and/or their family members a life that is fit not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too. To ensure a healthy and engaged workforce GLOBAL undertakes four simple steps:

  • 01

    Understand your

  • 02

    Design and program based on the needs, organisation culture and its people profile

  • 03

    Implement a well-structured plan to ensure impact

  • 04

    Monitor the implementation and evaluate impact (Course-correct if necessary)

Through our study we identify three employee profiles and design programs with following objectives:

  • Support the employees who are low risk or healthy, in maintaining their physical and emotional fitness.
  • Encourage moderate health risk employees to become healthier and prevent them from moving to high risk zone.
  • Guide high health risk employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and assist them in disease management and support programs where required.


How do our wellness programs help organisations?
Through our well-thought-of wellness programs covering both lifestyle management and disease management, we bring tangible and intangible benefits to the organisation
Reduction in costs:

A proactive approach to wellness through mass adoption of wellness programs can significantly lower the healthcare costs for an organisation. Employees receive preventive care they need; hence they stay fit and active, thereby reducing costs not only in kind but in monetary terms too.

Low attrition rates:

A healthier workforce also means reduced absenteeism, improved employee productivity, and boosted employee morale, leading to a low rate of attrition in the long run.

Engaged employees:

Most employees spend one-third of their day at work. Hence, they deserve to work in an environment that protects their health and wellbeing. Workplace wellness integrated in a business strategy and leadership helps to keep employees engaged.

Enhanced Employer Branding:

Apart from the obvious benefits, taking a genuine interest in the well-being of your employees can translate into a powerful competitive advantage through distinct employee value proposition.

Our Team:

Our wellness team consists of a diverse set of nationally and internationally trained health experts. We have medical doctors, health experts, data & communication specialists and life-coach on board who work closely with client organisations to design, implement and monitor a well-rounded plan.

Our Experience:

We have a rich multi-sectorial experience with 800+ clients, which uniquely positions us to understand your employee pool, build a program just for them, and generate impact assessment reports for management to see.

Our ROI based outcome approach:

We believe in offering to our clients, solutions that ascertain their expectations on the Return on Investment (ROI).

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